Creative video for the NEW MEDIA age

Zanadoo is an East London-based production studio providing high-impact audiovisual communications for broadcast, advertising and corporate clients. It was founded in 2008 by Jan Paul Dorosz, a multi-award winning Creative and Copywriter with extensive experience of running on-air teams at UK and international broadcasters.

Since 2008, a lot has changed in the world of video, with TV screens giving way to screens of all shapes and sizes, and audience ratings giving way to likes, clicks and shares. SD has become HD and UHD, and today's smart phones have the power to capture video at higher resolution than yesterday's broadcast quality cameras.

One thing, however, has stayed the same: the need for clear, concise, creative and compelling audiovisual communications that serve brands. This need, in fact, has only grown stronger as the media market has become increasingly disaggregated.

That's what we do at zanadoo, no matter the format, budget or the size of screen.